Who is Aja Vu

M name is Aja Vu (Ay-Zha Voo), Supreme Witch Goddess , CEO, Holisitic Wellness Practitioner, and Holistic Doula of HERicane Beauty. Throughout my childhood up until I graduated from college, I had been dealing with depression, suicidal ideation, physical illness, and a range of other behaviors and thought patterns that were destructive to my well-being. These behaviors affected my relationships with family, friends, jobs, and romantic partners. I moved back home after college and what felt to me like a failed attempt to start my life the way I had envisioned it. I had hit my rock bottom. I felt like a complete failure and waste of a life. I suffered from frequent anxiety attacks and sudden outbursts that made my family very concerned. I suffered from body image issues and a deep-seated self-hatred that I just knew would never be cured. This made me feel as though I was worthless, unlovable and lacked value in the world. 


After 20sumn years of this self-imposed suffering, I decided I no longer wanted to suffer this way and had to do something about it. I went to therapy, did research on natural healing, and made some drastic changes to my lifestyle that ultimately improved my life for the better. I transitioned to a vegan lifestyle, began meditating and journaling to release myself of my mental anguish, and took myself on a spiritual journey that led me to discover the power I held as a BEing on this planet as well as my deeply ingrained connection to the world around me and inside of me. This one, incredibly important decision, freed me of the shackles I had around my limbs, my mouth, and my mind. This one pivotal decision to CHOOSE better for myself opened up a whole world of possibility and potential. 


In 2018, HERicane Beauty Co. was birthed from my calling to teach women how I was able to overcome depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem and health issues through self-love, holistic living, and confidence building. My Vision for HBC is to see an empowered, healthy, and uplifted community of women thriving in their lives, careers, and business ventures because they were able to find healing from deep within the eye of the storm. The mission of HBC is to help those who are ready to become who they truly are through discovering the truth in their INNER beauty and personal power. We teach women how to step into their personal power through conscious acts of self-love and self-care, holistic health and wellness, and tuning into their Sacred Spiritually.


Who is HERicane Beauty 


HERicane Beauty is a holistic wellness and birthing center that offers ancestral healing services, doula care and customized products for mind, body, and soul wellness dedicated to Black women. We offer a range of holistic wellness services such as skincare therapy, birth and postpartum doula care, womb health services, guided meditations, sound healing and reiki to women and families across the country. We also sell vegan skincare products, holistic teas, and custom womb and vaginal healthcare products to assist with overall healing while catering to the specific needs of each client. We believe in creating personalized experiences to allow each client to feel like a priority, not just a number in a system. HERicane Beauty  was created to fill a void in BIPOC communities around the country where there was a lack of holistic wellness centers that focused solely on holistic and spiritually centered births and women’s womb and vaginal health. While there are plenty of wellness centers across the globe and they all serve a wonderful and beautiful purpose, there was a need for a space specifically catered to the Black woman and providing a space specifically for her during one of the most profound experiences of her life, giving birth. We hold space for her to receive relaxing, healing, and enlightening services all the way from preconception to months after postpartum. Too often our Black mothers are neglected and mistreated in birthing spaces, unfortunately sometimes leading to premature deaths. HERicane Beauty aims to cease this senseless violence against Black women and black newborns across the world as well as teach our women how to regain control and autonomy of their own lives through radical self-love and self-acceptance.


HERicane Beauty is on a soul appointed mission to provide a safe place where women from all walks of life can come and learn how to uncover their true beauty and personal power. We teach women how to step into their personal power through conscious acts of self-love and self-care, holistic health and wellness, and tuning into their Sacred Spiritually. Taking a trip into our world of beauty is an exploration of self in ways that empower us through health, wealth, and Divinity.



The Vision of HERicane Beauty is finding beauty within the depths of our souls and creating a new masterpiece through Health, Wealth, and Divinity. HERicane Beauty Co. is about finding the delicacy, calmness, and tenderness in the middle of the chaotic hurricane called Life. HERicane Beauty seeks to empower the doer’s, lover’s, and healer’s to go forth and multiply, especially when the world around us tells us to do the exact opposite.

Core Values

Health: Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit

Wealth: Creating wealth through Alignment in Spiritual, Habitual, and Ethical Business practices

Divinity: Reaching Enlightenment through discovering your true Nature and Purpose in this lifetime


Our motto is: The Secrets of Beauty are Within the Eye of the Storm. This means that with all the chaos of life, peace can be found in the deepest parts of our Soul. With this power, she can accomplish any goal she sets her mind to, thus creating a ripple effect of powerful women making positive change in the world.