Who is Aja Vu

Aja Vu (Ay-Zha Voo), Supreme Witch Goddess is the CEO of HERicane Beauty Company, LLC. Growing up, Aja Vu had struggled with troubled and acne skin, depression, and anxiety due to body image issues, lack of self-love, and poor self-care and eating habits. This made her feel as though she was worthless, unlovable, and lacked value in the world. Having dealt with this for so long, she thought that maybe if her skin were just a little clearer, she would be happier and hold more value as a woman in this society. She fell in love with makeup but used it to cover her true self rather than enhance. She even tried every skincare product on the market, but was still unhappy and felt a void. After graduating from East Carolina University in 2016, she had fallen into her deepest depression yet. She had no plans or direction and felt as though she were even more worthless than before AND had bills to pay!

In 2017, Aja Vu decided to make her biggest, boldest life-changing move ever. She enrolled in the Health and Style Institute for Skin Care Therapy. During her time here, she was able to learn how to heal her skin as well as her mind and soul. While discovering how to treat herself of these painful issues, she uncovered a new love for teaching women who had been dealing with the same or similar problems how to heal themselves. Through practices of healthy habits such as a clean (plant-based) eating, a good clean skincare routine, meditation, and consistent self-love, Aja Vu found the happiness, self-worth, and value that she thought she had been lacking, but really had been hidden inside all along. She is now able to teach these techniques and solutions to women across the world. Aja Vu even created her own line of skincare with clean, organic ingredients to offer to her clients who are looking for an affordable and effective skincare product.


In 2018, HERicane Beauty Co. was birthed from her calling to teach women how she was able to overcome depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem and health issues through self-love, holistic living and confidence building. Aja Vu’s Vision for HBC is to see an empowered, healthy, and uplifted community of women thriving in their lives, careers, and business ventures because they were able to find healing through HEALTH, WEALTH, and DIVINITY. The mission of HBC is to help those who are ready to become who they truly are through discovering the truth in their inner beauty, enhancing their outer beauty, and expressing their passions through holistic living and self-care.

Who is HERicane Beauty Co 

Mission Statement

HERicane Beauty Company is on a soul appointed mission to provide a safe place where women from all walks of life can come and learn how to uncover their true beauty and personal power. We teach women how to step into their personal power through conscious acts of self-love and self-care, holistic health and wellness, and tuning into their Sacred Spiritually. Taking a trip into our world of beauty is an exploration of self in ways that empower us through health, wealth, and Divinity.


Vision Statement

The Vision of HERicane Beauty Co. is finding beauty within the depths of our souls and creating a new masterpiece through Health, Wealth, and Divinity. HERicane Beauty Co. is about finding the delicacy, calmness, and tenderness in the middle of the chaotic hurricane called Life. HERicane Beauty Co. seeks to empower the doer’s, lover’s, and healer’s to go forth and multiply, especially when the world around us tells us to do the exact opposite.

Core Values

Health: Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit

Wealth: Creating wealth through Alignment in Spiritual, Habitual, and Ethical Business practices

Divinity: Reaching Enlightenment through discovering your true Nature and Purpose in this lifetime


Aja Vu




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