Welcome  to  HERicane Beauty Co


Welcome beautiful people! 

My name is Aja Vu, Supreme Witch Goddess and welcome to my lair of healing through beauty and holistic wellness! 

I am a holistic wellness practitioner, doula, energy worker, alchemist, and light being.


I exist to be a beacon for those who find themselves lost in the dark.


No, I am not perfect. No, I am not an expert. No, I do not have it all figured out. But I have figured out this much and this much I wish to share with you; 

Backward is still a direction, even if it isn't the direction you intended, forgiveness will always set you free, and we're all in this together, no matter race, color, or creed. So why fight, when you can love?

I am love. I spread love. Profusely. And I can teach love. Love is my superpower, my religion, my essence of being and I will use it to activate change in the world.

Should you choose to follow me on this journey, you will find that when you tap into your personal superpower, self-love, you will be unstoppable.