HERicane Beauty Co. offers a variety of services and products ranging from skincare, yoni health and wellness to guided meditations and reiki healing! Click here to book your appointment today! 


HERicane Beauty Co. offers a diverse range of skin therapy services that will have you leaving feeling relaxed, in tune with your physical and higher self and with your skin looking and feeling its healthiest! Our services include treatments such as facials for optimal skin health, hair removal with prime quality wax, and yoni steams and vagacials to ensure inner body health is also at its best.


HERicane Beauty Co. is a huge support in women-owned business and to show our support, every month we hold Melenated and Elevated, a sister meditation circle for businesswomen (as well as non-businesswomen) who want to network, become more in tune with their true selves through group meditation, and conquer their outer environments by finding their inner beauty. Click here to stay updated with any upcoming events!


At HERicane Beauty Co. we believe in connecting with one's Higher Self and Sacred Spirituality will improve overall health, happiness, and success in one's life. Therefore,  we offer energy work services that heal you from a Divine Source as well as teach you how to connect to your own Divine Source to practice self -healing. We offer reiki and guided meditations to assist you in tuning in with your Divine Power. 

If you are interested in experiencing any of our mind, body, and soul healing services,  please click the link below to book your appointment today!


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